The Intergalactic Sponsorship Association was formed to serve the corporate sponsorship industry at all levels, on all sides of the equation, and across the Universe. This association was started to elevate and promote the whole intergalactic industry – including those professionals not served by more localised associations. Whether you’re a carbon- or silica-based life form, multi-celled or quasi-dimensional, our first priority is getting you the best, most relevant, most practical information available.

By now, you have certainly realised this site is a joke and that there is no Intergalactic Sponsorship Association (yet!). It was borne of the idea that even though national/regional sponsorship associations aren’t practical in every market, but there is still a need for credible, commissioned or objectively curated resources across our industry.

So, maybe Intergalactic is thinking a little too big, but an international association is an interesting concept. Plus, making this site was fun.

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